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    What are the job duties of network and systems administrators?

    As we said, the duties of a network administrator will vary considerably depending on the organization they work for. Some work as broad, jack-of-all-trades generalists who cover everything from hardware setup to troubleshooting servers while others have a much narrower focus.

    freelance network administrator

    Here are some sample network and systems administrator job duties. In environments where the duties of network administrators and systems administrators are split and more clearly defined, the italicized duties align more with systems administrators:

    Configuring network hardware like servers, routers and switches

    Upgrading and repairing computer networks

    Troubleshooting network issues

    Assisting network architects with the design of network models

    Deploying and updating software

    Managing servers and their operating systems

    Implementing security measures and basic testing

    Managing cloud and physical network storage

    What is the network administrator salary and job outlook?

    Enjoying the opportunity to work with computers and technology is great, but enjoyment alone doesn’t pay the bills. Fortunately, the career outlook for network administrators looks very steady.

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